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Tasneem's professionalism and her warm, interested and caring manner and personality was a great match for my mother. They were days when Mom was a little less co-operative, and yet she was able to coax her to do some activity. They even made a short walk to a nearby park, something I can never seem to persuade Mum to do. Tasneem was able to draw Mum out and make the appointment feel more like a social visit – which Mum loved!

Tasneem also provided us with holistic physiotherapy care. She gave us great advice on how to adjust furniture and spaces around the home to suit Mum's mobility. She shared with Mum's helper tips on what to do on days when it is challenging to get Mum to do some activity.

It has been an enlightening experience to have had Mum under Tasneem's care – thank you Tasneem!
- MJ, October 2020
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Tasneem is a very detailed Physiotherapist who treats the patient holistically. She started treating my mum when she was even unable to turn or get up from bed on her own and her muscles were very weak and atrophied.

With her carefully graded therapy prescription and thoughtful approach, she worked skilfully and regularly with my mum for 4 months. I saw my mum progressing and getting stronger weekly. She is now back to her normal routine and is able to do all her activities independently at home. She has resumed her social activities, goes out with her friends and is a very happy person.

Tasneem stayed true to her words of getting my mum back on her feet by Diwali and we are grateful for her professional intervention. I would highly recommend Tasneem for home rehab needs of your loved ones.
- Son of TK, November 2020
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Tasneem is a very patient-centric physio who is always looking out for the best interest of her patients. She has worked diligently throughout the Rehabilitation journey of my wife who is a stroke patient. Initially, my wife was unable to sit steadily and needed maximum assistance for everything.

With the expert help of Physio Helps, she is now able to sit for long hours and walk with minimum assistance. We are very grateful to her for the recovery of my wife. I would definitely recommend Physio Helps for your home Rehab needs.
- Wong Kai Sing, September 2020