Online Consult
Online Consult
The pandemic has changed how people work and we at Physio Helps are adapting to the changing needs.
Online consults can be useful for those carers/seniors who are
  • Isolated and unable to go out to attend their regular exercise classes.
  • Have aches and pains and need physiotherapy consult on what management approach to take.
  • Unable to attend their regular eldercare centre due to various reasons.
  • Need guidance to exercise/take care of their loved ones.
How does it work?
  • Call/email Physio Helps for a quick check if online consult is suitable.
  • Fill up a form for basic screening of conditions/requirements.
  • Have a short (20 min) online consult with your physiotherapist regarding your complaints.
  • Your physiotherapist will video call you (30 min) to do an online Assessment and relay to you his/her findings and set goals for the session(s).
  • Your physiotherapist will teach you the exercises/strategies for management of your condition at home via online consult (30-40 mins).
  • Follow up calls from physiotherapist for ongoing sessions depending on the goals set.

Call PHYSIO HELPS @91804786 or email for inquiries now.